Caesar Dressing

Peter left Greece at a young age and arrived in Peterborough, Ontario in 1975. In 1980 he founded The Pizza Factory restaurant where he created any amazing recipes, including his world-famous Caesar dressing. Our delicious, homemade, garlic-filled Caesar dressing is now available for you to take home to enjoy!

Where To Find

• Sobeys on Lansdowne St. (Peterborough)
• Sobeys on Towerhill Rd. (Peterborough)
• Foodland on Sherbrooke St. (Peterborough)
• Foodland on Hunter St. (Peterborough)
• Farmboy on Lansdowne St. (Peterborough)
• Foodland on Queen St. (Lakefield)
• Millbrook Mercantile on King St. (Millbrook)
• Foodland on Robinson Rd. (Ennismore)
• Foodland on Buckhorn Rd. (Buckhorn)
• Sayers Foods on Burleigh St. (Apsley)
• Pizza Villa on Ward St. (Bridgenorth)